Re: PCC W&I in Moscow and the EWG
Author: Jeff Hopkins
Date: 06-22-2007 - 15:57

EWG: any idea what's wrong with the "burped" SD-45?? Most of the used running stuff MRL sells is in pretty good shape, anything they have doubts about they sell as scrap. As far as what is happening on the P&L, that area is my old stomping grounds too and I was there for a visit a month ago and found the tracks pretty overgrown with grasses and weeds---as a former farm hand in the area (when I was at Wazzu) that type of grasses burns like gas when it dries out and the slightest spark will set it off--they better get after it as I doubt they can afford to pay the cost of putting out fires. It seems to me that what Watco is doing in Moscow is a bit on the illegal side, if the shippers were on the ball they would have a pretty easy case with the STB. Moscow is trying to be the tree hugger capital of Idaho, yet when I last visited Moscow I got stuck behind a semi pulling out of their recycling center, smoking like crazy, hauling bales of aluminum cans and bales of cardboard---followed the sucker all the way to Spokane on Hwy 195 and the thing was losing sheets of cardboard and smashed cans the whole way, you would think an eco-friendly town like Moscow could do better. (Especially since University of Idaho got a large federal grant to study fuel efficient transportation options).
Does W&I have any new customers lined up?? I would think if they owned the WI&M it would give them a leg up on continuing to operate the P&L as they would be the logical operator?

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