Re: Freemont Bulletin article
Author: SO
Date: 06-23-2007 - 12:19

Not to dispute the above comments, because as already stated, statistical projections are very unpredictable. After all, if man could tell the future, I'm sure that the present would be much different.

However, I will point out that in 1960, no would have believed you if you told them that congestion would be as bad as it is in 2007. The tend would indicate that the problems will get worse, not better.

The best thing about the car, the independence it provides for mobility, is also it's achilles heel. Though there are traffic laws, the whole mess is little more than an attempt to regulate anarchy. Everyone on the road has their own agenda and has only their own goals before them. They are going to do whatever they have to do in order to reach their destination. Now add that anarchy to the size of the car (even small ones) compared with the size of the passenger. Now think of the space required to support all of those cars containing independently minded drivers. It's not too hard to see that for all of it's benefits, the automobile has some huge flaws that will be difficult if not impossible to solve.

No, I'm not a Statistician, just someone who likes to look rationally at things.

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