Re: Amateur? You do know that Die Hard is just a Christmas movie,, right?
Author: BOB2
Date: 02-07-2019 - 12:15

> Hutch, it's really too bad you weren't there to
> help.

I’ve handled my share of drunks from time time even an Iron worker that followed me to a local water hole after a disagreement at a jobsite.

Yeah, well...

but honestly what if this attack had not been a drunk and rather an armed terrorist bent On recreating Another Cantara loop disaster and polluting Shasta Dam. The crew would have been defenseless. You gotta think outside the “guns are bad” and the cowboys and indians BS. A weapon in the hands of a well trained individual during a crisis in an asset.

Well trained individual, yeah well.... The "security" folks I worked with in my second career, porting the camera's we'd installed on the bus to the police, to see inside of the bus, when those terrorist's, have the advantage of surprise, and maybe a little training themselves, do strike, and then proceed to blow your sorry aSS away, as their first victim, seemed a tad more skeptical. But, maybe they were just being "over-cautious" about the possible dangers of that kind of "cowboy" security response?

You know that die-hard is just a Christmas movie, right?

> Unfortunately, the crew probably wasn't able to
> implement your solution, to just shoot this drunk.
> The Book of Rules still likely prohibits non law
> enforcement personnel from playing with their
> "guns" on duty. I knew some who did, though.
> Hell, the "gun runner" used to sell them on-duty
> to my then girlfriend...yikes!
sounds like a cool chick shoulda kept her!

She was, but you weren't the one cheating on her....

> The last time I saw an SP employee publicly
> celebrate "bring your gun to work day", was at
> West Colton. The individual was a switchman, who
> had what was a particularly bad shift, being
> harassed, by a well documented a$$hole psycho
> yardmaster, that the company refused to remove
> despite many documented incidents. And, right
> after that really bad shift, and about a half a
> pint of whiskey, this individual decided to shoot
> Pinky

My Great Uncle carried a WW2 Luger in his grip on the
Santa Fe out of Clovis NM. It was also well documented in Linda Niemann’s two books about working on “the friendly”

Yep, and one of my favorite conductors down in El Centro had a lettuce and carrot patch on the side, and when we'd roll down the line, we'd scare the rabbits out of the holes they'd dug in the levee's next to the irrigation canals, by the dozens, and he'd calmly blast away at them with a long barrel 22, from the caboose, with spare cylinders, pre-loaded in his pocket, so he'd just drop the revolver mag, dirty harry style, and put in the next one, and keep shooting rabbits.

And, since Pinky was nuts, and should have been dealt with, before it got to this level of crazy, I heard that the lawyers got his wife and children a pretty good settlement from the SP.

> As the drill sergeant used to say: "This one's
> your weapon, that one's your gun, this one's for
> fighting, that one's for fun..."

Was “Gunney” R Lee Ermey your drill

Nope, I was a "doggie", my DI was a former Green Beret.

Either way I’m sure Cantara Loop will soon be fenced off with security patrols. Soon to be another railfaning spot lost due to the actions of an idiot.

Now that part really sucks.....

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